Friday, April 11, 2008

Interactive Signature Cocktails

One of the newest trends is 'interactive' weddings. It's a way of getting the guests involved in an activity at the wedding. So I thought, an Interactive Signature Cocktail Bar! What fun! Guests can choose from different liquors and mixes and come up with their own signature cocktails! You can have the bar set up with a seperate section, have a variety of liquors, like flavoured vodkas, rums, sparkling champagne, etc, and some mixers like pineapple juice, cranberry juice, and carbonated mixers. Don't forget the trimmings! Let them choose from cherries, limes, different coloured sugar rims, and those cute cocktail umbrellas! They just choose one of each, the bartender mixes it up, and voila - they are the designers of their own signature cocktails. You can even let them name their cocktails. It would be so much fun to see what people come up with!

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