Thursday, June 26, 2008

Green Gifts

With more and more couples becoming eco-conscious and hosting earth friendly weddings, they also want to ensure that their guests recognize their wishes as well and are registering at eco-friendly stores and websites. They want to ensure their green wedding goes past the day itself and into the gifts they'll receive for their big day. Here are some great sites to check out - they are full of fabulous green gifts. Very eco-chic!

BTC Elements - Organic cotton napkins, glassware made from recycled glass, and bowls made out of potato chip bags!

Branch - A fabulous site that has everything from furniture made from sustainable forest wood, bamboo utensils, and cork bowls. The site even offers gift certificates and a section to register your gift choices!

Gaiam - A lifestyle company carrying eco-friendly cleaning supplies, organic cotton sheets, eucalyptus outdoor furniture, and eco-friendly gadgets and toys. They even carry fitness and yogo items. Pretty much everything green on this earth!

Alternative Gift Registry - Just register, and this site directs you to many green gift sites that allow you to register for donations to charities and even trees from local nurseries. It also has great green wedding tips!

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