Monday, April 12, 2010

Wine and Tapas

ta·pas   a. light snacks or smaller meals, usually eaten with drinks
            b. (as modifier) a tapas bar
            [from Spanish tapa cover, lid]

I love tapas!  My problem when I go to a restaurant is I can't decide what I want - everything sounds good!  Tapas are little mini meals, so you can try a bit of everything without looking like a piggy. :)  Some people mistake tapas for appetizers, when in fact, tapas are not starters.  If you start eating tapas, you finish eating tapas, and you don't stop until you're full.  Sounds good to me! 

I've visited a few wine and tapas bars, and I immediately fell in love with the chic ambiance and intimate settings.  And of course, imagined an intimate wine and tapas themed wedding!  Set the mood with a jazz band or lounge pianist, dim lighting, lounge seating, and upscale ambiance - and the best part - you don't have to stress about serving the chicken or the beef - you can serve both!

If the thought of a large wedding with a formal sit down dinner and an hour of speeches makes you cringe, then an intimate wine and tapas feel may be more your style.  In fact, tapas are perfect to be served while people are standing and mingling, so it's really perfect for a cocktail reception.  Even if you're on a budget, it's a great way to still be able to offer a bit of luxury without the huge sit down reception.
And don't worry - tapas can be quite creative and filling.  They don't necessarily have to be eaten with fingers!  I've tried scallops, lamb, and even braised short ribs as tapas - believe me, your guest's tummies will be satisfied!

And my favourite - dessert tapas! 
Offer several wines to pair with each serving of tapas, along with an ice wine to serve with dessert.  You can even offer guests these handy wine glass tapas plates as favours! 

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