Thursday, May 6, 2010

Foot Fashion

What are you wearing on your feet on your wedding day?  This is the next decision for a bride after she finds THE dress - she needs THE shoes.  Sexy pump or four inch heal, white to match the dress, or bright pink to show some personality?  Either way, the shoes are VERY important!  They often get their own shots in the photo album!  As you can see by these fabulous images from Manuel F. Sousa Photography - brides ensure they are stylish from head to toe!  The same goes for the bridesmaids - no more satin dyable shoes for your stylin' girls!

Here's some tips for your wedding shoes - a few weeks before your wedding, walk around your house for a bit every day to break them in.  This will make them more fitted to your foot and more comfortable for your wedding day.  It also gives you a chance to see where the pressure points are on your foot - so on the day of your wedding you can put on some Band-Aid blister stick (a cool little product that prevents blisters) on the spots that will rub against your shoes.  It will also let you know if you need to add some little Dr. Scholl's ball of the foot cushy inserts - I carry these in my emergency kit, and I had one mother of the bride so thankful to me for saving her sore feet! 

This next photo was from an engagement shoot - Christian Louboutin boots...yes please!

And the best for last...Jimmy will hear angels singing when you slip these on - yes you will.

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  1. LOVE the trend of brides getting a little bit more daring with their wedding shoes. nothing I love more than seeing some color peek out from under the dress when a bride walks!