Tuesday, June 1, 2010

It's all in the Presentation

You have probably found yourself at one time or another, in a conversation with someone about a wedding they've attended.  When you ask 'How was the wedding?' - food is generally one of the top aspects they will comment on.  Good or Bad.  More often than not, it's not just about the food being 'good'.  How the food was presented is just as important.  We eat with our eyes first - so the presentation is a huge aspect when considering what and how to serve your guests.  It's about creating an experience for your guests that they will remember far past their last bite. 

So how do you add those little extras to bring the food from 'good' to 'fabulous?'  These photos by Honey Stetson - Photographer will give you some tasty inspiration!  Winnipeg Wedding Photography, Honey Stetson - Photographer

Appetizing - Like I said, we eat with our eyes first.  Talk to your caterer about some creative presentation ideas to really wow your guests!

Anticipation - set up little note cards beside each dish to get them excited about what they're eating!
Service - going above and beyond to make the experience more enjoyable for your guests - they will notice that extra little effort made for them.
Hardware - what is the food going to be served on?  It's a unique way to show some personality with stylish platters and plates.
Details - those little things that make your guests think 'wow'.  Simple little touches that make a big impression!
To every guest, really, it's all about the food!  You may have stressed over the centerpieces for months, or searched all over town for that perfect dress.  'The bride was beautiful, the decor was very nice.  Oh and the food!  Fabulous!'

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