Monday, January 3, 2011

Something Old

Nothing makes your wedding more unique and tells people who you are more then showing them where you came from. Using family heirlooms at your wedding is a great way to show that vintage feel! How about your aunt's antique cake stand for your wedding cake, or some vintage vases and candle holders that your groom's grandmother got as wedding gifts? Ask your mother what flowers she used in her bouquet, and mimic the look for yours. You may not want to wear your mother's wedding gown, but you could use some of the lace or fabric as accents on your dress or make sashes for your bridesmaids gowns. Antique hair pins would be a simple touch for your bridesmaids and your groom would look classic wearing his grandfather's vintage tie. Nothing makes looking forward to your future together more meaningful then looking back at where you came from.

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