Monday, March 7, 2011

Are You Being Entertained?

More than likely you will be looking at booking some sort of musicians or entertainment for your wedding.  Be it for the ceremony music or a DJ for your reception, you need to think about your personal preferences, and also the tastes of your guests.

The ceremony is a very personal occasion for you and your fiancé, so you'll want to think about what is special to you both.  Choose songs that have special meaning, but be aware that many churches only allow their choirs to perform or certain songs to be played during a ceremony, so make sure you check with the officiant on any regulations they may have.  Make sure also that the musicians you choose can play the songs that are required by the church. 

String quartets are very popular, as well as harpists and soloists.  But my favourite ceremony music has always been something different and unique to the couple.  I've seen everything from fiddlers to saxaphone players.  Something unexpected will really make your ceremony memorable to your guests and special to you.

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Now the real fun begins!  For your reception, you want to take a look at your guest list.  DJ's are always a safe bet as they can play a large variety of music to play for your crowd.  They are also the most cost effective choice and can play from the cocktail hour all the way to the end of the evening.

You can also bring in those same musicians that performed at your ceremony to play for the cocktail hour.  I always love live music for the cocktail hour, and then the DJ can take over for the party! 
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Want to really make an entrance?  Surprise your guests by having some sort of entertainment to accompany you on your grand entrance.  I had one couple enter their reception behind a bag piper.  Everyone had goose bumps!

Using your culture for inspiration is always a great idea!  One of my grooms wanted to honour his fiancéé's Filipino heritage, so we hired Filipino Tinikling dancers for their grand entrance.  Some of the guests got involved and it added amazing energy to the night!

Bands are becoming much more popular for weddings.  Gone are the days of the cheesy wedding singer :) and they are no longer just for the older crowd - playing music to suit even the hip hop lovers on your guest list. 

You want a band that can really play a variety of music - so ask for the band's play list to see if what they play suits the tastes of you and your guests.  The cost of a band is also much higher then that of a DJ, ranging anywhere from $2,000 to $10,000 depending on the size of the band and their popularity.  And remember that bands take breaks - so make sure they have some music they can play over their speakers so that there isn't a break in the music.  Otherwise you can hire a DJ to play during the breaks.
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Of course bringing in some entertainment throughout the evening is always exciting.  Magicians, comedians, aerial acrobatics - the skies really the limit to keep your guests guessing...and entertained!

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