Friday, December 30, 2011

2012 is Coming! 2012 is Coming!

2012 is Coming!  2012 is Coming!

I am really excited for all of the 2012 weddings coming up for Divine Weddings!  If you 
are a bride getting married in 2012, then New Year’s Eve will have even more meaning 
as you turn the page to the year you will be saying ‘I Do’.  I know, you are feeling so many 
emotions all at the same time!  2012 will be a year of excitement, anticipation, and complete 
and utter joy!
So how do you make it through the planning by keeping your emotions in check?  
Stay organized, get inspired, and be thankful.  And always remember the reason you 
are getting married in the first place, and put your fiance first.  Remember, he’s a dude.  
They don’t get as excited about weddings like we do!  So always make time for a date 
where you don’t talk about the wedding and you can just be you.  Besides, they don’t 
know the difference between sky blue and powder blue anyways!  Save those chats for 
your bridesmaids.

So happy planning, have fun, and enjoy every moment.
Happy New Year from the team at Divine Weddings.

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