Thursday, January 26, 2012

Wonderful Wedding Show Highlights

It was a fantastic weekend at the Wonderful Wedding Show!  So great to see my buds 
in the industry, all of my clients, and new brides as well.  Looking forward to 2012!

As always, it was a blessing to work with my friend Peggy from Little Flower Shop on our combined booth, the bridal lounge, and the inspiration tables in the registration area.  
Our hard work paid off winning "Best Creative Collaboration Booth Display".  Best booth!  
Yay! :)  Thanks so much to Peggy and her team, and my team of girls for all of your 
hard work and dedication through out the weekend.  Peggy's flowers and rentals are 
THE BEST in the Winnipeg wedding industry, and I am so lucky to call her my friend and colleague.  Hugs :)

Special thanks goes out to Bond and Leah from BLF Studios - you are such great 
pals and wonderful people to work with.  Thank-you so much for the gorgeous images 

Thanks to Sean from A Moving Picture Studios for the promotional videos and testimonials you saw in the lounge and on our blog.  Such a hard worker and always a smile on your 
face :)  And your wife Janelle is fun to hang out with too! 

Amanda and Sandy from Chairish Your Moments - thanks for working SO HARD!  Your linens are stunning!  You're great ladies and I've enjoyed getting to know you.  

Liz from In So Many Words - as always, stunning work!  Liz did all of the stationery 
for our tables, and they were gorgeous! So gorgeous a few brides couldn't resist and 
took them right off the tables to take home!  LOL  

Belinda from High Tea Bakery - the mini cakes were SO PERFECT!  12 little cakes to 
match our theme and colours in our booth.  I know you were so super busy, thanks so much for taking the time to make them for us.  You're such an awesome lady!

Sohan from Elite Lighting you rock!  Thanks SO MUCH for providing the TVs for the 
videos :)  and for providing the awesome lighting for our booth!  

And thanks to Platinum Productions for the music and lighting for the lounge - best DJ's in the industry!

Well my feet have stopped aching, and I am slowly getting back to normal :)  Another great show!

This was our second year sponsoring the Bridal Lounge.  Ultra cool and modern, white on white with patterned lighting, and hot white leather lounge furniture from Little Flower Shop.

Chabby Chic is a huge trend that I am totally loving right now.  Who ever would have thought babies breathe would make a come back!  This was by far the favourite at the show.  I adore the hyacinth bulbs in the cube glass squares :)  And of course, mahogany chiavari chairs from Little Flower Shop.

Ombre - a gradual change in colour from light to dark - this is a uber modern trend that we added a romantic flair to.  'Love' the menus :)  Liz at In So Many Words created my vision for the stationery perfectly!  And for those that are wondering, there are rose petals from 200 roses in that vase!


We called this one California Glam - why?  I guess because California is totally cool and awesome!  LOL  Champagne linens with the pop of pink and bold touches of black.  And of course, the hanging table number - all the brides want it!  Do I smell a trend? :)

What's green and white and HOT all over?  :)  Our booth turned out better then imagined - I was so happy with it.  Winning best booth was so cool, and winning it with my bud Peggy was even better!  Fresh and crisp - it just sparkled! I loved the boxed menu/favour boxes, and the touches of mirror through out the booth.  And the flowers, well they rocked! :) 

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  1. Seriously refined. Best showing yet.
    Anyone can see you are extremely refined in your talents.
    You have really come a long way from that little dream on main street steinbach when we first met you.
    Congrats on holding yourself steady and re-igniting your passions.
    Take care