Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Divine Wedding :: Kaisley and Josh

A beautiful Friday wedding  -  Kaisley and Josh were such sweethearts, 
and so in love!  Their wedding was held at The Fort Garry Hotel, with romantic touches, 
and a Kate Spade bow theme :)  If any of you know my assistant Brittany, you know 
how much she loves bows - so she was IN LOVE with this wedding!  

Kaisley wanted the ceremony to be filled with music and love, and to be a meaningful production.  Her and her mom both work at Springs Church and often orchestrate their productions, so timing and music was on the top of their priority list.  Guests were 
treated to a harmonious evening, with Josh's family harmonizing and singing grace before 
dinner.  Definitely a first for me - loved it!

Enjoy the photos below from Allure Photographers

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